Kratom Usage Stats – Highlighting the Socioeconomic Kratom Demographics

Kratom Usage Stats

Kratom Usage Stats – Highlighting the Socioeconomic Kratom Demographics

Kratom is an herbal leaf native to Southeast Asia. This plant is known for its medicinal as well as recreational properties. Kratom and its different variants are quite popular and people have been using them for centuries. 

Initially, there was limited information about kratom and its uses as only locals knew about it. But with time, people in other regions of the world came to know about this miracle plant known for its stimulant and other properties. 

In no time, kratom had a dedicated fan base which further increased its demand and fueled the growth of the kratom industry.

Kratom Market Stats

According to Maximize Market Research, the current market size of the kratom market in the US is 1.6 Billion USD and is expected to hit 4.8 Billion USD by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 3.4%.

The number of kratom users has increased dramatically in the past few years. The increase in number isn’t only limited to Southeast Asian countries. 

According to Maximize Market Research’s report on kratom, the overall changes in customer preference in the past 3-5 years are as follows:

  • Southeast Asia – 100% increase in 5+ years
  • North America – 600% increase in 5+ years
  • Europe – 200% increase in 3+ years
  • Australia – 400% increase in 5+ years 

According to the American Kratom Association, more than 15 million Americans are using kratom in their daily routine. 

Kratom User Demographics

The use of kratom is popular among people of different age groups. There is multiple research on the demographics of kratom users. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Age of Kratom Users

Kratom users belong to different age groups. The recommended age of kratom usage is 18 years and in some US states it’s 21 years. However, most of the kratom users are middle-aged (Congressional Research Service).

A cross-sectional survey of 59,714 respondents was done to investigate the demographics of kratom users. All of the participants were at least 18+ years old. The study findings revealed that the mean age of kratom users was 35 years in the US (NCBI). 

Similarly, another study on kratom user demographics and their usage pattern in the US population suggested that the mean age of kratom users is 40 years (NCBI). 

So, we can say that most of the kratom users are middle-aged, lying between 35-40 years of age.


Kratom use is common in both males and females. However, studies indicate that males are more likely to indulge in kratom consumption as compared to females (NCBI).

Employment Status

Another study focuses on finding the employment status of kratom users. The findings of the study revealed that 68.3% of kratom users are employed while 10.0% of total kratom users are unemployed. 

While 5% of users are students and 16.7% people fall into the disabled and retired category (NCBI).

Education Level

Kratom users have different levels of education. 

Research findings reveal that the use of kratom is more common in people who have been to some college (34.7%) or have earned a college degree (33.8%), as compared to high school graduates (12.8%). 

The use of kratom is relatively less common in people who have advanced degrees (11.2%) or haven’t been to high school (1.8%) (NCBI).

Relationship Status

Most of the kratom users (65.6%) are married or in committed relationships while 19.6% of users are single (NCBI). 

Kratom Usage Stats

According to the latest research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the kratom usage prevalence was 0.8% last year. 

Daily Dose of Kratom 

There is no ideal kratom dose recommended for different kratom users as it depends on multiple factors. However, as per the reports, 55% of kratom users take more than 3 glasses of kratom daily (Universiti Putra Malaysia).  

Frequency of Daily Kratom Use

Some people prefer taking large doses while others prefer taking smaller yet multiple doses of kratom. 

According to the research, 69% of kratom users take 4 or less than 4 doses of kratom daily. While the other 31% of users take more than 5 doses of kratom on a daily basis (Universiti Putra Malaysia).

Mean Duration of Usage

The mean duration of kratom use is 8.5 years. Overall, 60% of kratom users have been using kratom for more than 6 years (Universiti Putra Malaysia).

Different Forms of Kratom and Their Market Share

When it comes to breaking down the market share by product type, statistics suggest that kratom powder has the maximum share in the market, followed by capsules, tinctures, and extracts (Maximize Market Research). 

Kratom is also used in combination with other food items. According to another study, kratom is most commonly prepared with the following food:

  • Cake (19.79%)
  • Cookie (15.8%)
  • Salad (13.41%)
  • Brownie (8.76%)
  • Ice cream (7.17%) 

Source: Tastewise 

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