Kratom Strains

A Useful Guide on Kratom Strains: Types, categories, dosage, potency, and effects

Since a few years, people are using kratom strains to cure their chronic pains, anxiety, and depression-related diseases. There are many stories on the web that explain how kratom changed people’s lives and helped them get rid of their medicines.

But few questions arise when we discuss kratom i.e. is kratom a medicine?

Why it became so popular among people, especially those who were taking allopathic medicines for years to treat their medical conditions?

What other problems can a kratom user tackle with the use of kratom strains?

If it’s herbal or something “like medicine” then does people need to abide by some rules to use them?

What are the different types available in the market?

What each type contains, what is the potency and effects?

These all are the questions that we will try to explain in the best possible way. Let’s start with the introduction, what is kratom?

Kratom is a Tree

Kratom is a tree that grows in the Southeast Asian countries, which means kratom are leaves or herbs that are dried in the sunlight and then minced into a fine powder. That powder can either be utilized in its original / minces form or it can be filled into capsules and then can be used with water.

Moreover, the kratom tree has many varieties, and each has remarkable qualities. The key to studying its different types and varieties and find the best kratom type for you.

Varieties of Kratom Strains

The are many varieties available in the market but here we will discuss about the four main varieties that are the best in results and also available at Klarity Kratom website.

Maeng da Kratom

This is kratom type that grows in Thailand. Said that it is the finest quality available in the market and “the most demanded” kratom strain among kratom users.

Maeng da kratom strains are formed by the blending of red and white vein kratom. It has more painkilling effects that make its users more attentive and focused on their goals.

Red Bali Kratom

Red bali kratom, on the other hand, is an Indonesian strain. Bali is the name of an island located in Indonesia.

Unlike Maeng da, red bali strain is the most powerful strain due to its high potency, and because of that it has fast effects. It increases the focus span and keep the consumer motivated in less time, for more time.

Borneo Kratom

We actually talk about Mitragyna Speciosa tree when we discus red Borneo kratom strain because of its popular kratom form generated from the leaves of that tree.

Its potency is high as red bali kratom since it is also red, but the outcome is different. Red Borneo maintain a higher level of physical energy, significant calmness along with cognitive performance and pain relief.

Trainwreck Kratom

It’s a “train” containing all the kratom strain and then “wrecked” in a way that all the strains are crushed together in the best possible way to form the “Trainwreck” kratom strain.

This blend, since it contains all the kratom strains in it, is amazing for encouragement and concentration along with strong energy-boosting qualities due to the high quantity alkaloids present in it. Trainwreck kratom strain also provides pain relief and lightens the mood.

Types of Kratom Strains

Now let’s discuss the types of kratom strains. There are three main types i.e. red vein, green vein, and white vein. All other colors than these three are somehow extensions of these three base colors.

As the name suggests, these three have different potency levels and their effects vary accordingly.

Starting with the most potent among the three.

Red Vein Kratom

Due to its growth rate Red vein kratom leaves are available in large quantities. It grows in South Asia and has more persistent qualities than other kratom trees. As the name suggests, its leaves are of red color stems and veins.

This strain is sold more as compared to white or green color strains. Its strains are used for relieving pains and create optimism.


Red vein kratom has stronger pain-relieving properties and is used as the best supplement in place of pharmaceutical medicines. It is good for beginners and also for those who are drug addicts. Because it has stronger features that prevent the symptoms of opiate addicts.


Red kratom has mild sedative effects that help its users to remain calm. Its users said that it is a good indicator of removing pains and improving cognition. Although it has not been approved as an alternate of any medication.

White Vein Kratom

White kratom strains are different in taste than all other strains. Research says it is not recommended for the beginners but it can be used by the people who have tried other strains.

White kratom effects are less sedative than green and red kratom strains.


White vein leaves’ potency is somewhere between red vein and green vein. And is good for those who have tried green vein and need to increase the quantity. They can use the same quantity of white vein which will give same effects as of “increased quantity of green vein”.


White kratom leaves have elated effects that make the people more vigilant. Many People use white kratom instead of coffee. It is suggested that those people who feel exhausted and work hard, they can take it during long working routines.

Green Vein kratom

Its plant is grown in different countries of South Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Its leaves are green in color. It has a high concentration of mitragynine alkaloids and lowers the 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloid. This distribution of alkaloids expresses the unique properties of green kratom.


As per the studies, it has lease potency among all strain types which makes it the best option available for the beginners.


It works like a white kratom strain but as compared to white kratom it provides more clarity, alertness, and endurance.

It has more delicate effects than a white vein. It is considered as a good stimulant. Its potent features make the people cheerful, sociable, and talkative.


Kratom herbs are beneficial for people in a sense of health and recreational purposes. It is available in different varieties and each variety has its uniqueness.

These are major varieties and some other varieties which include Borneo strains and Indo strains are also available. Everybody who wants to use these strains can easily order it on the klarity kratom website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Quantity Can We Take?

Kratom doses are dependent on the user’s age, weight, and purposes. Generally, people use 2gm to 3gm of red strains and 3 to 4gm grams of green white and yellow strains. It is suggested that you should use these strains according to the advice of your consultant.

How Can People Access These Strains?

People can easily access these strains from the online website. Klarity kratom vendor is here with his precocious services. You can purchase these varieties of strains from this vendor easily.

You must see Klarity Kratom offers page to get maximum benefit for your spent.

Is Kratom Available Only in Leaves Form?

No, all strains of Kratom are available in kratom powder and kratom capsules form. People consume them according to their taste. Some people prefer to consumes it in powder form and others, who don’t like its bitter taste, consume it in capsule form.

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

It takes 10-15 minutes to start showing its effects. The effects of small doses may last for 2 to 3 hours and those people who take high doses can attain its state for seven to eight hours.

The average life of kratom is 24 hours to 40 hours. Kratom strains stay in your blood for 3 to 4 days and shows up in urine tests for 7 days. It is eliminated completely from the system in 6 to 9 days.

What is the Strongest Strain Of Kratom?

Red kratom strain is stronger among all the colors. It has a high quantity of kratom alkaloids. You can enjoy its sedative effects by using a minor quantity of this strain.

Does Kratom Show Up in Drug Tests?

Mostly kratom does not show up on many standard drug tests which include 5 panels. Some kratom alkaloids show up in urine and blood tests. But it is not dangerous like other drugs. It may show up on a 10-panel test which is specially designed for the kratom in the body.

What are the Best Kratom Strains?

Red kratom strain is one of the best strains due to its venerability. This strain has more potent effects that make people more alert and energetic rapidly. It is also best for beginners.

Does Kratom Prolong Opiate Withdrawal?

It depends on the will of the person who is using kratom as an opiate withdrawal. He needs to make sure he is taking right type and amount of kratom. And, in the long run he should assure himself that kratom will not replace his addition of opioids.

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