Pure Zen Borneo 150 Capsules Pack


Pure Zen Borneo 150 Capsules Pack

Pure Zen Borneo 150 Capsules Pack


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Green Borneo capsules are used for taking euphoric effects and maintaining energy levels. When the people utilize these capsules then they feel healthy.

Klarity Kratom capsules have specific qualities that enhance people’s attentiveness.  The leaves of the green Borneo strains are large and contain high alkaloid content.


The Klarity Kratom is famous due to its pure quality of green Borneo strains. We take the green Kratom strains from the Borneo region and then convert it into powder form. The powder, afterward, is filled into the capsules.

The effects of capsules are faster than the powder because the powder form takes time to digest. The people who are suffering from any chronic pain, and want to get rid of it can use these capsules.

Alkaloid Content

The green Borneo capsules contain 25 alkaloid contents. The major alkaloid contents are 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragnynine. These are strong elements of the green Borneo trees and have many health benefits.


The price of 150 capsules at the Klarity Kratom website is $29.99. Klarity Kratom provides free shipping facilities to its customers.

The customers only have to pay for their desired products, no other charges will be taken from them.

Recommended Dosage

2 to 3 capsules of the green Borneo are enough for an individual.

However, regular users can increase or decrease the dosage quantity according to their physician’s advice.

It should be noted that small quantities of green Borneo capsules have greater sedative effects as compared to larger doses.

Customers’ Feedback

Our consumers are satisfied with the quality of the green Borneo capsules. They have reported many favorable effects of consuming Kratom pills of Klarity Kratom. These pills fulfill the purpose because their effects are immediate.

Concluding Remarks

Kratom capsules are filled with the Kratom powder. Its effects are immediate and beneficial. People use these capsules for maintaining good health.

Klarity Kratom provides the facility of the green Borneo Kratom capsules. Our products are original and 100 percent pure because we purchase the strains from the Borneo region and then convert them into powder.

Choose Klarity Kratom to get the best quality Kratom products!


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