Kratom Shots for Sale

Kratom shots are one of the latest kratom products introduced in the market.

As the name suggests, they are derived from the native kratom plant. The plant leaves are first liquified. Concentrated extracts are then obtained using accelerated solvent extractions.

Kratom shots differ from the usual liquid extracts. They contain only concentrated mitragynine extracts.

Extracts from every kratom strain can be obtained. This means kratom shots of several strains are available in the market. 

Over time, kratom shots have increasingly become popular. Without having to mix with anything, you can simply take your shot as it is.

Also, the pocket-friendly size makes them easy-to-carry. The desired effect is now rendered in quite a short span of time. Speaking of which, the effect lasts longer than that of kratom capsules or powder.

History of Kratom Shots

In 1994, an alkaloid constituent, 7-hydroxymitragynine, was first explained. This has structural similarity with the mitragynine component now present in concentrated kratom shots.

Liquid extraction from kratom leaves has made its use much easier. The concentrated liquid kratom obtained through different extraction procedures is now consumed in the form of shots.

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Mode of Use

For the past several centuries, kratom tree leaves have been used in different ways. Traditionally, kratom tree leaves were either chewed as it is or were boiled in tea.

Presently, liquid extracts in the form of kratom shots have made the consumption easier. It’s available in small concentrated quantities and can be consumed as it is. There’s no need to mix it with other substances before ingestion.


Mitragynine in variable concentrations are present in the extracted kratom shots. So, no particular dose is available. Only some self-reported doses have been reported. 

It all depends on the reason for its consumption. 

To avoid any undesired effects, it’s best to first consume it in small quantities. Generally, amounts less than half of what’s normally taken are advised for consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for kratom shots to render their effect?

Ans: Within 5-10 minutes after ingestion, you can feel the effect of kratom shot kicking in.

Q: How much do kratom shots cost?

Ans: The cost of kratom shots vary with the volume of the bottle. Klarity Kratom’s shots are available at $19.99 per 15ml bottle.

Q: Are there alternatives for kratom shots?

Ans: Kratom shots are by far the most convenient kratom product. However, many also use capsules and kratom powder as per their ease.