150 Grams of Pure Zen Borneo Powder


150 Grams of Pure Zen Borneo Powder

150 Grams of Pure Zen Borneo Powder


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Green Borneo Kratom strains are produced in Indonesia. They are beneficial to health, enhance brain stimulation, and help boost energy levels. It shows instant effects. Green vein Borneo powder has proven to be more effective than caffeine in boosting energy.

The quality of Klarity Kratom’s green vein powder of Klarity Kratom makes it unique. Its strong soothing effects take away the feeling of weakness.

Why Klarity Kratom?

Klarity Kratom has earned recognition in the market for the quality of its products. Green vein Borneo is one of the prominent strains that have Mitragyna Speciosa alkaloid in it.

The company gets pure green Borneo leaves from Indonesia. The leaves are then inspected for their alkaloid content and sent for drying. Once the leaves are dried, they are converted into powder. Green Borneo powder has a pleasant scent that freshens up the mood instantly.

What Distinct Features It Has?

Green Vein Kratom powder takes away the feeling of tiredness and freshens up the mood. it has pain-relieving properties. Kratom powder is effective for joint and muscle pain.

Price of 150g Green Borneo Powder

Klarity Kratom offers its products for rational prices that everyone can afford.  they charge only $39.99 for each 150-gm pack of green Borneo Kratom powder.

Customer suggestions and opinions are highly valued at Klarity Kratom. You are welcome to give your suggestion about our products.

How to Verify the Quality of Green Borneo Powder

Here are some ways you can get your hands on the pure green Borneo powder,

  • Always buy the pure green Borneo Kratom powder from a reliable vendor.
  • Check the purity by its fragrance.
  • Check the reviews of the product.


Small quantities of green Borneo powder have proved to be effective. Therefore, 2gm to 3gm of green vein Borneo powder is sufficient to get the desired results. Take the doctor’s advice if you want to increase the intake.

Wrapping the Discussion up

You can reach Klarity Kratom’s website to get fresh and pure green Borneo Kratom powder. We maintain the quality of our products and only offer the best to our customers.


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