Pure Zen Borneo 500 Capsules Pack


Pure Zen Borneo 500 Capsules Pack

Pure Zen Borneo 500 Capsules Pack


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Green vein herbs are taken from the Borneo island of Indonesia. When these herbs are dried in the presence of sunlight, they turn into powder. The green Borneo capsules are made from this powder.

The powder is filled into the caps and the caps are then tightly packed. Klarity Kratom maintains the alkaloid quantity in Borneo Kratom capsules. Our capsules are free of any contamination.

Why Do People Use the Green Borneo Capsules of Klarity Kratom?

Klarity Kratom has gained recognition in the market due to the quality of its products. Our products are full of essential alkaloid content.

All those people who are using Kratom capsules are curious to find out the real and pure Kratom strains powder.

Green Borneo Capsules are beneficial for people who feel back pain, sore muscles, migraines, and other minor pains; which is common in people due to overwork.

You can increase your working capacity by utilizing these capsules. These capsules have the power to relieve pains immediately.

Recommended Dosage

Borneo capsules have instant relieving effects. People can easily get rid of chronic pains through this medication.

The recommended dosages are as follows:

  • For mild effects: 2gram to 3gram
  • For moderate effects: 3ct to 4ct
  • For strong effects: 5ct to 6ct

It is suggested to take your physician’s advice who knows physical conditions. Your age, physique, weight is also important for defining the intake quantities.

Price of a 500 Capsules Pack of Green Borneo

The customers do not need to worry about pricing because we charge for quality.

The price of a 500ct pack at Klarity Kratom green Borneo capsules is $79.99. Clients can get these capsules any time by placing their orders on our website. We provide 24/7 services for our customers’ convenience.

How Can I Receive My Order?

Klarity Kratom provides free shipping facilities to its customers.

You only have to put your desired products in the cart, we will receive your order immediately. We will prepare fresh Kratom capsules for you and send it to your given address.

Concluding Remarks

Green Borneo capsules help maintain good health. No doubt every medication, whether herbal or not, has some side effects, but you can protect yourself from any side effects by following the recommendations. Our mission is to provide comfort to people.

Never compromise on your health. Choose the best quality kratom that we, at Klarity Kratom, offer.


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