Pure Zen Borneo 40 Capsules Pack


Pure Zen Borneo 40 Capsules Pack

Pure Zen Borneo 40 Capsules Pack


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Green Borneo Kratom strains are harvested from the Indonesian region. These capsules are used for mind relaxation and boosting energy levels.

People who have used the green Borneo capsules of the Klarity Kratom have given their positive responses.

The Green Borneo Capsules are sedative and have powerful effects. People can easily buy and consume green Borneo capsules.

When to Order the Green Borneo Capsules?

Our 24/7 active services enable consumers to order green Borneo capsules at any time. Klarity Kratom is available online to fulfill the demands of the people regarding Kratom strains.

The customers only have to put their required strains into the cart and update their cart after payment. The quality Kratom, then, prepares the ordered pack of capsules and sends the package for shipment.

The clients will receive their strains in the comfort of their homes. Klarity Kratom offers fast order processing and provides fresh capsules to their consumers.

Recommended Dosage

To experience minor effects, the recommended dosage of green Borneo capsules for a person is 1 to 2 tablets. 2 to 3 capsules are used for the moderate effects and 3 to 4 capsules of the green Borneo Kratom strains are enough for experiencing strong effects.

Payment Policy

Klarity Kratom provides an online payment facility. The customers can pay online through our given online payment options.

Customers can view the prices of their desired strains on our website and make online payments.

Replacement Policy

Klarity Kratom has a flexible replacement policy.

Klarity Kratom offers a money-back guarantee if the customers want to return their Kratom strains. We have maintained the standard of our products and customers are satisfied with our services.

Price of the 40ct Pack of the Green Borneo Capsules

The price of the green Borneo Kratom capsules at the Klarity Kratom website is $12.99. This price is market competitive; we charge only for quality.

You can buy this pack from our website easily. We will send it to your given address immediately.

Concluding Remarks

Green Borneo Capsules are used for removing mild pains. These capsules are sold by the Klarity Kratom to energize and soothe its clients.

The strains come from Borneo; an island of Indonesia, so the public can easily access pure Kratom capsules.

Klarity is the public’s first choice as we uphold the best standards. Our Kratom capsules are 100 percent pure and free of any contamination.


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