Update On The Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Update On The Kratom Consumer Protection Act

“So long as it’s pure, properly labelled and there’s disclosures.”

A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Senate Bill 58, also known as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which was proposed in Utah. The bill, originally proposed by the American Kratom Association (AKA), is designed to protect consumers by ensuring the sale of only untainted Kratom products that undergo independent testing and have proper labeling. This has been done in order to protect consumers and to reduce or hopefully eliminate problems such as contamination, misleading labeling, or the sale of phony Kratom products.

This comes as 6 states and the District of Washington have recently made Kratom illegal following a handful of injuries due to the sale of impure Kratom products, or sickness due to contamination by salmonella from one manufacturer in 2017. These states failed to realize the safety of Kratom
(Please read: Is Kratom Safe, CDC Report), and also failed to recognize that none of the injuries or illnesses were caused by the pure product sold by most distributors. Rather than address the problem logically, the knee jerk reaction was to make it illegal, which increases the risk for consumers who now have to buy through the black market.

The Bill Goes to Legislators

When Utah senator Burt Bramble (R) was approached by AKA lobbyists regarding this proposal, he admitted that he had never heard of the plant. However, after receiving a vast amount of letters from his constituents describing how it had helped them and their desire to see the plant regulated rather than being made illegal, he agreed, stating

“So long as it’s pure, properly labelled and there’s disclosures.”


On January 28th, 2019, the proposal was presented as a bill to the Utah Senate by Bramble and co-sponsor, senator Brad Daw (R). After a few small amendments, the bill passed through the senate on a vote taken February 15th, and was passed to the House. The House held a vote on February 28th which went in favour of the bill, with 38 votes for and 34 against. It is currently enrolled to become law in Utah.

How the Bill’s Affects will be Perceived

This act is seen by most as a great success for both the retailers and consumers of Kratom. The bill will ensure that the people using this plant for pain, opioid cessation, or as a dietary supplement are still able to access this product, and that it will remain safe to do so. Manufactures have shown that they are taking responsibility to eliminate bad actors from the market by pushing bottom-up regulations on the industry. Utah has shown itself to be cognizant of the will of its citizens who are in need, and to take progressive actions to regulate, rather than make the plant illegal as has been done in some other areas. It is hoped that further states will soon follow this example, and pass similar regulations to ensure customer safety rather than derive people of this beneficial plant. Please help us by writing to the representatives in your state and tell them to take similar actions to protect the industry and users rather than taking draconian measure to make it illegal.

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