Kratom Veins And Strains: Which Is Right For You?

Kratom Veins And Strains: Which Is Right For You?

“Although long-used in Southeast Asian cultures, little is known about Kratom in the West.”

Although long-used in Southeast Asian cultures, little is known about Kratom in the West. Many, in fact, have not even heard of it. Of course, this plant will be of interest to anyone suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, depression, or digestive issues, but it’s not like you can simply go buy Kratom at your local Walmart or ask your neighborhood pharmacist which strain is right for you. Not yet, anyway! Hopefully, this post can answer some questions those considering trying Kratom might have.

Mother Nature’s Wonder Plant

Kratom has dozens of different strains, each with their own effects. Kratom is certainly not a one-size-fits-all remedy. For one thing, the effects and the strength of the strain depends on the environment that it is grown in. For example, the strains tend to have names such as Pontianak Red Horn, Kratom Bali, and Red Thai Premium. Effects and uses also depend on the color of the leaf’s veins, which indicate the concentration of active alkaloids such as the pain reliever mitragynine.

Red Vein

The red vein is perhaps the most commonly used. It is quite popular, perhaps because its main effects include relaxation and mental clarity.

Red vein Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf

Because of its calming effects, it is an effective remedy for many who suffer from insomnia or anxiety. Its muscle relaxing properties aid in the relief of pain caused by muscle tension. Although sedation and relaxation are a common trait of the red leaf varieties, others, such as Red Sumatra, have a more stimulating effect.

Yellow Vein

Although technically of the white vein family, the yellow vein is perhaps the rarest of all. It obtains its color from the drying technique that is used in its processing which alters its alkaloids, giving it its own unique effects.

Yellow vein Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf

Most users report feeling energized and a heightened sense of general well-being. Its effects are longer-lasting than those of other varieties. Some strains, such as the Yellow Sumatra, have been known to aid in concentration, as well.

Green Vein

Green vein, like its red and white cousins, has its own variations. The green vein varieties are best known for their analgesic (pain-killing) and nootropic (focus-enhancing) properties.

Green vein Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf

Like many nootropics, these strains can have a stimulating effect. While the painkilling properties of such strains as Maeng Da are undoubtedly effective, their sensitivity to climate can render them less effective than their red-veined cousins. The green strains do however lack the sedating properties that are common among red varieties, and so might be more dependable during the day or while completing tasks that require one to be alert and wakeful.

White Vein

Lastly, are the white veined varieties, popular for their physically and mentally stimulating effects.

White vein Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf

Like their green counterparts, white-veined strains can aid in concentration, and like the yellow leaves which are derived from the white, these varieties offer a boost in mood. This is a plus for those who suffer from afternoon slumps or periods of gloom. The white varieties lack the painkilling properties of their red and green cousins; however, since it is well known that depression and fatigue worsen physical aches and pains, this color might offer a reprieve from the pains associated with such.

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